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Find your next IT career in Prague, with the

Global Consulting Centre

Teradata Company

Teradata offers powerful, analytical solutions that help businesses proactively manage their businesses and drive growth. Teradata solutions include the Teradata data warehouse and database, analytical applications, and services.

Teradata solutions are built on a proven, world-class methodology. Teradata data warehouse services support data warehouse strategy development, planning, design, implementation, support and enhancement. Teradata employs worldwide 11,000 employees. With over 2,000 consultants with an average of 15 years of experience, Teradata delivers solutions across the world.

Businesses worldwide choose Teradata for its proven expertise in data warehousing, commitment to excellence and innovation, and best-in-class technology. 

In the 21st century, enterprise intelligence is the basis for competitive advantage. And the companies who can differentiate themselves through precision decision making will win. Teradata helps companies make faster, better decisions to drive profitable growth. With Teradata's enterprise data warehousing and analytical solutions, our clients can harness the power of their enterprise intelligence to create a single view of your business, reduce costs and enhance relationships. Only Teradata gives our clients the ability to integrate detailed historical information with near real-time data, to gain the deeper insight needed to take effective actions.

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