Nadání a dovednosti

Cooperation with Nadání a dovednosti o.p.s.


We are proud to have become partners of the non-profit organization Nadání a Dovednosti o.p.s., which helps young people from children's homes and from socially disadvantaged backgrounds to fulfill their career ambitions.

What exactly is the mission of the organization Nadání a dovednosti o.p.s.

Above all, to pass on experience and knowledge to children and young people who´ve already had some difficult experience in their lives, in order to get an easier start in independent living.
The organization organizes long-term educational projects, workshops, provides career counseling, arranges trips abroad or provides material support.

What is our partnership about?

Hays has extensive experience in recruitment and career advisory in the Czech Republic. We have therefore set aside a team of volunteers - mentors, who will provide young people at the beginning of their careers with all the necessary information and cooperation to be able to find a job that will suit best to their skill profiles.
For those interested in working in the field of HR, we also arranged an excursion in our offices so that they could experience first-hand what such a day looks like in the world of recruitment.
Young people at Nadání a dovednosti o.p.s. have different talents, different dreams and different life goals. If your company would also like to contribute to their fulfillment and offer an excursion in your offices to show what are specific professions about, do not hesitate to contact the project coordinator at Hays, Lenka Fabová, or directly the director of the organization, Linda Hurdová.


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Nadání a dovednosti - project Rozhled

The project called Rozhled offers an opportunity to young people to find out more about the companies´environment and understand the job content in specific job roles.