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Temporary Recruitment
Flexible forms of employment

The temporary assignment service is based on assigning an employee to your company for a predefined position and period. We will help you find such employee as part of our recruitment services, he will perform work in your company according to your guidelines, but he will be employed by Hays. Therefore, there is no need to have budgeted job position for this employee.
We will also take care of all administration associated with the employment of this worker, incl. payroll processing, reporting to authorities, ensuring social and health insurance contributions, etc.
We can recommend a perfect candidates across various specialisms,  for both short-term and long-term projects. Hays Temporary Services allows you to adjust the level of employment to the individual needs of your company, especially in times of increased demand for professionals.
We will search for your ideal candidate based on your precise requirements,  thus saving time and costs associated with finding the best talent.


According to the valid legislation, the maximum length of a temporary assignment of an employee is 12 months. The temporary assignment agreement may be re-signed for a period of 1 to 12 months after termination without any restriction on the re-drawing up of the contract. The notice period in the case of temporary assignment differs in relation to the percentage of working hours from 15 to 60 days.

Temp to Perm / “Try and Hire”

You also have an option to switch a temporarily employed person to a permanent employment relationship. You can choose this form while waiting for the approval of the job position by the headquarters, or if you are not sure whether you will use such expert in the long term. It is also suitable in the case when it is necessary to verify qualifications of a new employee in a given position first.

The worker is then assigned for a definite period of time as a temporary worker with the assumption that he will (can) be subsequently employed by the client as a regular employee.

The “Temp to Perm” model helps eliminate discrepancies in the expectations associated with the hiring of new employees - it gives the client and the employee enough space to get to know each other before the employee enters into a permanent employment relationship.

Interim Management

Hire the Interim Manager as a "temporary" professional and set the length of the project for the necessary time at the beginning of the cooperation. Here you hire an experienced manager when you need to deliver a complete and effective solution to a specific problem in the shortest possible time.

Payroll processing

If you wish to find a suitable specialist yourself, but you still cannot have it in your own state of employees, Hays will take over this employee as a temporary employee and will take over the responsibility for payroll. We provide our clients with comprehensive care in this area, covering initial medical examination, occupational health and safety, holidays allocation, expenses and many other. This service represents a significant cost optimization and time effectivity.

Benefits of a temporary assignment

  • management of the employee's payroll and personnel / administrative agenda
  • important time savings on the client's side - the entire employee agenda is handled by Hays
  • the client does not have all the obligations associated with dealing with the authorities
  • reduction of costs for the client's payroll department (these costs are transferred to the area of ​​services, Hays is reimbursed in proportion to the payroll costs of a certain%, which is minimal with regard to the service and service provided)
  • eliminates problems associated with employment, by helping employees find the company they want to work for and companies to find such employees who "fit" best into their corporate culture
  • by concluding a fixed-term contract with the employee, this system allows, if necessary, a longer testing of the employee than the normal probationary period
  • in case the client is not sure about the transfer of the employee among his regular employees, it is possible to renew the contract for a definite period, ie. extend the secondment of a worker.
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