3 ways to get moving

3 ways to get moving

It has become common knowledge that exercise is good for us. However, obligations of daily life tend to get in the way of a more healthy lifestyle, so we spend too much time doing nothing. Just think about all those hours spent in the car on our way to work or to our children’s hobbies. Or at our desks sitting in front of our computers. But don’t worry, here are three ways to have (some) more exercise with little effort.


According to recent findings, over 1 European in 4 never exercises. Shocking, because the risks of being inactive are serious, for example an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. However, getting daily exercise doesn’t have to be hard. Of course it will take some effort and commitment to incorporate exercise in our daily lifestyle, but the advantages our worth it: boosting your energy level and mood, stronger muscles and losing weight. That’s why we bring you three easy ways to get up and moving.

Commute by foot or bike

Why don’t you consider a new way to commute to and from work? Keep the car in the garage and, depending where you live and the location of your office, walk or cycle to work. Afraid of bad smells? Pack an extra set of clothes so you can change upon arrival. If you live too far away, you can still try this strategy. Just park your car farther away from your office – or the supermarket – and walk to your destination. Also, whenever you can, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Don’t forget: it is recommended to get 10,000 steps a day. And even if you don’t achieve that goal, at least attempting to do so is already an improvement.

Make it harder for yourself

If you’re at home doing housework, take extra trips up and down the stairs or from room to room. Your chores will take a bit longer, but you’ll burn more calories in the process. Or keep your telephone at the other side of the room, so you’ll have to get up and walk to it every time you get a notification. If you’re at the office, go an extra mile and use the bathroom on a different floor – using the stairs of course. During lunch, grab a coffee from the bar two blocks away from your office, instead of using the vending machine in the lobby. Another possibility: keep your trash bin away from your desk, so you’ll have to get up every time you have something to throw away. Or so you can play basketball with your coworkers; laughing is also a good exercise.

Just stand up more

If you’re still not convinced, or thinking the previous tips are still too much of an effort, just stand up more often and stretch your legs. If you can – and no one is watching – sneak in some squats. Try to develop the habit of standing up whenever you’re on the phone or checking you’re emails. Furthermore, instead of talking with a co-worker on the phone, get up and walk into his or her office. And if you bring some coffee, it might as well become a pleasant break.

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