Home Office - tips for working from home

Home Office - tips for working from home

These days, when the situation requires it, everybody who can is working from home. For those who are not accustomed to remote working, it may be difficult to find the right rhythm and mode to work as efficiently as they have done so far from the office. "Mutual trust, good communication, a quiet place to work and functional technologies - these are the basic prerequisites for being able to do our work well from a distance," says Ladislav Kučera, Managing director of Hays Czechia. The following tips and recommendations can then help you organize your workday from home to be as efficient as possible.


Working environment

For sure you need ideally quiet and bright place with a stable WiFi connection. In addition to a convenient desk and comfortable chair, prepare a headset for conference calls. It is a good idea to sit back and look out the window - this can help you relax and calm your mind when a short break is needed. It is important to find the perfect place to feel good to be fully productive.


Put a plan in place

  • Create an activity plan that is always in your sight. You should be clear about what you have to do this day or this week. For your comfortability, tick the completed tasks - you will feel good about what you have already done and at the same time you will be able to inform your team or your supervisor at any time as needed.
  • Keep working hours so that you can be reached when someone needs to talk to you.
  • Working from home does not necessarily mean that you have to cancel scheduled appointments. Change only the form. Use Skype or other online platforms to communicate with colleagues, customers or clients as usual. Keep your camera on during video calls to make the hangout more enjoyable and human.
  • Discuss with colleagues and supervisors regularly your plans and goals, as well as ways to achieve them.
  • Feel free to ask for help whenever you need it.


Healthy, active and productive

  • A bottle of water on the table is essential! A regular supply of water is essential and will greatly help alleviate fatigue. Do not forget to ventilate the room from time to time, fresh air will give you new energy to work.
  • Take breaks, stand up, walk, just like in the office. Make coffee or tea, prepare a healthy snack, chat with your children, partner, call a friend or colleague.
  • Use time to travel to work to prepare a good lunch or take a short walk.
  • Do you feel stressed? Try listening to soothing music in your headphones, or you can find a number of soothing breathing exercises on YouTube. Regular breaks will help you organize your thoughts.


Children and pets

  • If circumstances allow, you have a partner, siblings or friends who can help, connect and help each other. Talk to your neighbors, colleagues, or family in the same situation. Maybe you will find the perfect solution for everyone.
  • Sometimes it is better to work in blocks. Switch every few hours, isolate yourself and focus on your work, then spend the rest of your time with children or pets.
  • Explain the new special arrangement to the children. Perhaps, in the end, special measures will be a good guide on how to establish a regular regime not only during this difficult period.


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