How to impress at the interview within 30 seconds

How to impress at the interview within 30 seconds

It only takes 30 seconds for a recruiter to form a firm and definitive view of a candidate. Following this logic, we have only one chance to make a good impression. So how do you sell yourself in less than a minute?

Playground of a businessman

Businessmen usually only have a few minutes to convince investors to study their product or project. Therefore, it must be clear, concise and comprehensible. The entrepreneur must be able to say in a very short time without going into too much detail where the difference between his project and the project of others is. He only has a minimum of time to show his motivation, enthusiasm and credibility to carry out his project. The job interview works in the way - you have very little time to convince the recruiter of your qualities and professionalism. But don't just say you're an ideal candidate for this particular job. Focus on the specific difference that sets you apart from the competition - it could be a skill or some experience (such as spending a year abroad).
For example, you might present yourself as follows: “I am XY. I graduated with a master's degree in digital communication. I completed a one-year study program at a digital communication and marketing agency. My passion is to create websites and I also focus on digital communication, I am able to create a digital strategy, but also to estimate the needs and expectations of the client.“.

The importance of a non-verbal communication

Body language and overall non-verbal communication are also very important in a job interview, as they reveal a large number of factors about your personality, such as self-confidence or coping with emotions. The recruiter will pay attention to your gestures, body language but also your overall appearance. So pay attention to your presentation, sit up straight but still comfortable and keep eye contact with the interviewer. Also, make sure you are dressed properly before leaving for the interview. If you are unsure of how formal attire can be expected at an interview, feel free to contact your consultant.

Show your skills and professional achievements

In addition to your previous experience, your skills and professional achievements are also a frequent topic at the interview. This is an added value for winning your desired position and will allow you to emphasize even your soft skills. Therefore, prepare in advance the answer to the question in what context you were able to achieve your successes so far and what the results were.

Be prepared for any questions

Suppose you have to answer various questions. Of course, it is not possible to predict exactly what questions will be asked during the interview, but you can anticipate some of them in advance, such as "Tell me something about yourself.", "Why did you apply for this position?" or "What salary do you expect on this specific role?".

More tips

  • Your answers must be clear and understandable to everyone who conducts or participates in the interview - therefore avoid technical terms or abbreviations that are not common to everyone.
  • Organize your self-presentation as if you were telling a story - you will remember it better. Make sure your speech and introduction is not too long.
  • Try to illustrate your message with examples, pictures or numbers.
  • Stay honest, authenticity is the key to a successful job interview.
  • Remember the importance of first impressions. A top presentation, experience and skills may not have the right impact if you do not arrive for the interview in time, you do not know the name of the person you are meeting or you do not have a basic awareness of the activities of the company in which you are applying for the job.
If you have any doubts or questions about how to present yourself properly in the company, do not hesitate to contact your consultant. Hays consultants can provide you with valuable information and tips on how to succeed and what to expect at the interview.
Good luck with your interview!